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Do You Need an El Paso Public Adjuster?

If you are an El Paso property owner with an insurance loss, using a public adjuster can result in a faster, more complete insurance settlement and peace of mind. As public adjusters, we are licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance and committed to helping policyholders settle their insurance claims.

How an El Paso Public Adjuster Can Help

Insurance claims are complex beasts with an endless list of requirements. The larger the loss, the more complicated the claim becomes. While a homeowner may be well equipped to handle a small claim without external help, large claims quickly become overwhelming. Not only are they tedious and time-consuming, minor oversights can translate into substantial underpayments. 

A public adjuster can help by:
.   Thoroughly reviewing your insurance policy
.   Assessing the damage
.   Looking for every possible loss including hidden damage that insurance company adjusters may have overlooked
.   Documenting all of our findings
.   Preparing a complete inventory of your losses
.   Including accurate, real-world estimates
.   Submitting complete, accurate claims forms
.   Questioning everything
.   Negotiating as needed
.   Fighting for your rights

El Paso public adjusters specialize in helping policyholders like you. We are qualified insurance claims adjusters licensed by the state just like your insurance company's employees. The only difference is who we work for. We don't work for insurance companies; we work for you.

Why You Should Use a Public Adjuster

While having an expert do the work on your behalf has its appeal, there's another reason to use a public adjuster: higher insurance settlements. El Paso public adjusters are paid a percentage of your final insurance settlement, a payment arrangement that serves as an incentive to maximize your settlement. This payment arrangement is mandated by Texas insurance law. Public adjusters are never paid upfront, and they are not paid if their work does not result in a settlement. If you want to be sure of a fair, fully maximized insurance settlement, you need to use a public adjuster. It's that simple.

When to Seek Help from a Qualified El Paso Public Adjuster

Not sure it's the right time to seek help? You can get a public insurance adjuster at virtually any point in the claims process including: immediately after you've suffered an insurance loss, in the middle of the claims process, or after your claim has been denied. The sooner you get a public adjuster involved, the fewer hassles you can expect. Thus, doesn't it make sense to get a public adjuster sooner rather than later?